Sunday, October 18, 2009


  I don't really know how to start this thing off.  Like with any true, deep and unyielding love explaining its nature can be near impossible.  It exists in a realm somewhere beyond words; it just is.  So is my feeling toward food. I am forced to control myself so as to avoid gluttony but let me tell you its a trying task.  If it were up to me I would chase any scent, savor any bite, and pay any price.  Luckily for me circumstances like weight and income keep me in check.

  For a foodie such as myself heaven exists on earth.  New York.  San Francisco.  Paris.  Rome.  Notice I didn't mention Santa Barbara? Well I noticed too.  I currently live in some man's paradise, and one little lady's purgatory!  I tell you I'm hungry here and I've been looking to find some culinary redemption in this town!

Based off my web research I see I'm not alone.  After some mostly fruitless attempts at attaining gastronomical advice in this place, I decided to set out on my own.  One restaurant, one class, one shop at a time I will conquer the Santa Barbara food scene.  I will do it so others don't have to, and I promise I won't enjoy one minute of it.

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