Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweet Sunday Nights @ Brophy Bros.

If you want delicious seafood downtown
with the ambiance of a neighborhood bar
where your mom and dad hang out on Friday evenings.
Then head over to Brophy Brother's in the Santa Barbara Harbor.
Where the beer is cold and clam chowder is hot (and to die for!)
the oysters rockefeller rock, and man,
the view is sweet.


  1. Hey Rachel, is this you again. How many blogs do you have going? Again we thank you for including us in your blogs. It means a lot to us to have you appreciate your business. Now stop blogging and come on over, its about 75 degrees and gorgeous.
    See ya,
    Brophy's Management

  2. That sounds like one really delicious and cozy place :)

  3. AHHAHA ngaw, this makes me want to go eat some seafood now!
    :) Love the photos!

    x victoria

  4. what a beautiful blog xx